We Coach You to Fulfil Your Potential.




Do you feel as though your life is dictated by the expectations and achievements of others?
Worrying about what others think and do is overwhelming and will only leave you feeling worthless.
Don't allow your inner critic to rule; you can be the hero of your own story.
Life is too short to try to fulfil someone else's potential. 

We understand that changes, challenges and making choices can be overwhelming and it often seems like you're going it alone. 

You don't have to.

We care about where you are right now and where you want to go; 

most importantly, we care about supporting you on the journey in between.

We will not only be your coach, we will be your champion.

"[Coaching showed me that]...the life I always imagined is a life I'm capable of creating, so long as I choose to embark on the necessary journey and am willing to contend with any just takes one step."

- Bohdi D., Canberra


"My Coach was able to help me clarify what was important, what my strengths were and how to work from that basis. My mind felt more clear as to what I could do next and I also felt confident to actually execute the plan of attack that we came up with together. She gently challenged me whilst encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone."


- Katherine D., Melbourne


Work Smarter, Not Harder


Figure out exactly what you want to achieve


Identify and overcome what is getting in the way of you being your best


Become the example others want to follow

Smart people understand that in order to succeed, they need other people to help them along the way. The Live Deep Method is theory. The problem is, how often do external influences distract us from taking the time to invest in our own futures? The answer is probably more than you'd care to admit, which only leaves you feeling as though no one is in your corner. Feeling as though you'll never amount to much is wrong.

Everyone deserves the chance to author their own story and be its hero.

Let us invest in your future and help you fulfil your potential. 


We Help You to Become the

Best Version of Yourself.

We'll help you overcome the real and perceived barriers to the life you've always wanted. Through coaching, you can develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to
author your own story and be its hero.
How can we serve you?
Using Our Training and Experience to Support You Through Yours.
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What Makes Live Deep Different?

The Live Deep framework is revolutionary because it takes an wholistic approach to the profession of coaching. We understand that to be the hero of your story you need a guide who has the expertise, experience and emotional intelligence to champion your progress, not just someone to ask you a few questions and send you on your way. ...

I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately.
I wanted to live deep and suck all the marrow out of life.
To put to rout all that was not life and not, when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived.
H.D. Thoreau
What's My Investment?

How much of your lifetime are you willing to waste on the question, "What if?"?

How much dissatisfaction will you accept before you decide to take charge of your future?

Is your self-doubt and confusion costing you a life of purpose and meaning?

Do you want to reach your potential? Will regret be the main ingredient of your life? 

What kind of story do you want your life to tell?

You miss 100% of the opportunities you do not take. 


A coaching engagement is a series of one-hour long coaching sessions; the number of sessions is determined by your needs


A coaching session is simply a creative, collaborative and confidential conversation between you and your coach


The coaching conversation is focussed on whatever you want to discuss and is designed to achieve what you want most

What's in it for You?

It's all about your self-improvement journey.

How can we help you be the best version of yourself?

Time to focus on what you want most

Clear goals and steps to achieving them

Improved self-awareness and self-confidence

Support and encouragement along your journey

An objective point of view and bespoke advice

Improved personal and professional relationships

Leadership and management training

Team leadership and development


Public Speaking coaching

Presentation and performance skills

Communication skills

Improved focus, motivation and time management

Coaching starts at AUD$99.00 incl. GST per session.

The number of coaching sessions in your engagement is determined by your needs and progress.

We will journey with you until you no longer need us. 

The options and benefits of diagnostic tools, character evaluations and other resources can be discussed with your coach throughout your engagement and can be included at an additional cost.

Packages can be negotiated at discounted rates. T&Cs apply. 

Become the Example

Others Want to Follow.